Work in progress

Welcome to RoofTalks, a podcast plus newsletter at the intersection of community, technology, and shared living. It looks like you’re a little early. We’re still working out the last details and are excited to share our first content around middle of November with you!

Our guests for the first episodes include:

✅ Florian Färber - who as Co-Founder and CEO at theBASE FOL Group GmbH is launching a new coliving concept at scale with 300 beds in Berlin, 
✅ Brian Lee - who as Managing Director at Common is overseeing their European Expansion, and recently moved to UK.
✅ Gaëtan de Dietrich - who as Head of Community and Sales has helped Hmlet to scale their operations since their early days in 2017 to becoming one of the biggest operators in APAC today. 
✅ Hazique Memon - who is as Co-Founder of Coliving Hub has been relentlessly focused on bring the coliving operators together to help each other improve their business 2018.  
✅ Leah Ziliak - who as Founder of The Coliving Consultant has empowered countless coliving operators to get their member experience right. 
✅ and many more

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